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Chess Titles

Chess Titles

Over time, some of the best chess players ever have won or received chess titles.  Chess titles are given to some of the best chess players ever.  These titles are like titles in other sports.  You get chess titles for certain victories.  Some chess titles have more honor than other like titles in boxing or other sports.  Some of the best chess players ever may not have received some of the chess titles they deserved.  It depends on the player and how they received their win/loss record.  Let us take a look at one of the best chess players ever.

Jose Capablanca is known for being one of the best chess players ever.  He was a world chess champion amongst other chess titles.  He had a score of 318 wins, 249 draws, and only 34 losses in match and tournament play between 1909 and 1939.  No other master has sustained so few losses over such a period of time. Capablanca was renowned for his ability to instantly and accurately evaluate chess positions. Capablanca liked to control the position and to focus only on elements he felt were necessary to achieve victory. His endgame technique was legendary. It is often said that you can discover the true strength of a player by looking at how he handles endgames. If this is the case then Capablanca was one of the best chess players ever.

Back in Capablancas day, you could only become world champion.  It took a while for more chess titles to be developed.  A Grandmaster is a chess title awarded to world-class chess masters. Apart from World Champion, Grandmaster is the highest chess title a chess player can attain.  The best chess players ever attempt to reach this goal and have this coveted chess title.  After Grandmaster there is an International Grandmaster.  The conditions are similar to GM, but less demanding.  This all depends on how many points you have and how you are ranked.  There is also a FIDE Master and Candidate Master.  All these chess titles can be awarded to an individual for a lifetime.

The best chess players ever are awarded points according to the Elo rating system.  Elo is a statistical system  based on assumption that the chess performance of each player in their games is a random variable. Arpad Elo thought of a player’s true skill as the average of that player’s performance random variable, and showed how to estimate the average from results of player’s games. The USCF implemented Elo’s suggestions in 1960, and the system quickly gained recognition as being both fairer and more accurate than older systems.  This is how the best chess players ever are ranked today.
In the early 1900’s, the best chess players ever only went after one title, World Champion.  Today with the Elo system and various ruling boards, there are more chess titles one can attain.  The more you play and the better your play, the higher you will score on the Elo system.  All it takes is a keen mind, sharp thinking, and winning games to be considered one of the best chess players ever.

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