New Nektan Casinos – America Chess

Established in 2019, and licensed by UK and Curacao e-Gaming, America Chess Casino is a relatively new casino but with a slightly less than reputable company operating it. These two components would naturally lead many new players to lower their expectations, and to not expect too much upon their arrival. However, America Chess is a lovely surprise that delivers great graphics, a large selection of instant play activities, and all in all looks just as good as any other online casino currently on the market.

As the name suggests, the theme is instinctively Nordic and viking related, with images used that hark back to cartoons such as Asterix. Despite relying on corny renditions of archetypes customers will recognise, the design isn’t too forceful or gimmicky. In fact, due to the looping graphic at the top half of the page, you can easily be confused as to what the theme actually is. Although the use of looping adverts doesn’t diminish the entire website as such, it does give a preview into how cluttered the user interface is for customers.

Even though the casino looks fun and enticing, there is no avoiding that the homepage is extremely busy, which in turn can come across very overwhelming. From the selection of games to the promotions, there is a lot dancing around to catch your eye and coax you to savour the entertainment centre that the MYEG B.V. Casinos owned platform promises to be. In an attempt to ease the attack on the eyes that America Chess inevitably is, the layout has a clear menu in the top left hand corner, therefore allowing you to miss out any sections you don’t wish to wade through.

In regards to who can access the site itself, there are some country restrictions that players outside of the UK may wish to keep in mind; Japan, the United States, Turkey, and China are just a few of the several destinations currently unable to play with America Chess Casino. As a result, there are only three different currencies in use: pounds, euros, and United States dollars. It’s also worth noting that the three languages available are English, French, and German, which means it’s safe to speculate that the website is predominantly European in its focus.


The activities you can interact with are separated into categories to make navigating and finding what you want much simpler; instead of having to scroll through every title, you can simply click a section and browse. While this would normally help with your average online casino, due to the sheer number of games that America Chess has, there are a lot to names to sift through whichever way you choose to negotiate the website. It would usually seem uncalled for to say that too much choice is a negative, but with the Video Slots part of the casino having over 400 games to its name, it becomes more clear how tedious playing with America Chess can potentially be.

When you first look at the games listed, newcomers who have yet to sign up will be pleased to notice that you’re not required to become a member to examine what’s on offer, meaning you can decide rather quickly whether the brand is for you or not. Furthermore, all players will be first greeted by the Recommended Games, that is to say the ones presently popular with a lot of the players. By doing this, it provides newbies with a way to see the very best of what is on offer.

The titles themselves are both exclusives and familiar, meaning you have a chance to play your favorites while also trying out new activities. Players will come across activities from software names such as Nektan, 1×2 Gaming, Microgaming, and NetEnt, all of which are well known brands that will instill confidence in users. What this all means is that America Chess is particularly ideal for gamers who are seeking a change of pace from the usual casino scene they engage with.

Another bonus for gamers is that each game allows you to choose whether you want to play for fun or play for real, which essentially means for free or for money. Having the former option is particularly useful as it enables you to try a new title out without having to spend any money, which in turn means you won’t lose unduly due to not knowing the dynamics of the game. Moreover, if you choose to play without financial input you don’t have to register to America Chess Casino, whereas if you intend to win you have to be part of the community.


Moving along to what offers are in store for players, there are several in total, some of which are one offs and others that recur on a weekly basis.

One of the one time rewards is that of the Almighty Welcome Package, only accessible when you sign up. The offer stretches over the first four deposits players make, a rather extensive promotion that isn’t offered repeated by many other online casinos. When you first allocate cash you have a large 100%, which then reduces to 75% for the second, 50% for your third, and then back up to 75%. Activating this huge welcome bonus is automatic upon your registration.

In contrast, one for all players is the Monthly Reload Bonus. What it essentially does is function like a welcome bonus every month, therefore enticing veteran gamers to keep on playing with America Chess. The bonus is 100%, another generous helping, and is a lifetime reward for all customers.

In regards to the other promotions available, which are not part of the VIP club, there is a calendar found at the bottom of the page detailing on what day which rewards take place. It is such a basic feature and yet it makes a massive difference in how you interact with the promotional material. By seeing just how often you can reap rewards, you feel more inclined to keep playing. The calendar has a handy key included which informs you what each symbol means, therefore allowing you to narrow down the type of promotions you’re looking for.

Turning attention to an already impressive promotions list, there is the Almighty Zone, aka VIPs. Unlike many clubs which works on a loyalty based system of collecting points, America Chess Casino instead requires players to fully extend the Welcome Package and play for a month… and that’s it. Once gamers do that, they are then entitled to the special membership area which delivers higher bonuses, exclusive rewards, and a personal accounts manager.


Managing your money is especially simple with America Chess Casino thanks to its staggering list of payment options for its customers. Usually there are several options available so as to open up to a wide market, but not many brands deliver to such the extent as this one does. There are over 20 variants to opt for, meaning it is highly unlikely you won’t find a banking method useful to your needs. Of course there are the typical options such as Skrill and Credit/debit cards, but there are also lesser well known types like iDeal and Neosurf.

Each option supports all the currencies accepted by the brand, however not all is plain sailing for withdrawal options aren’t as varied as their deposit counterparts. Still, it is a small issue in the face of many positives.

Social Media

When you look on the surface, the social media side of the brand appears excellent for they have a Facebook link, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+. Sadly though, when you actually click to visit the accounts, that’s when the problems arise. Out of all the links that actually take you to their account, only Facebook worked, and even then it wasn’t worth the hassle because no posts have been made since 2015. As for the other accounts, when we tried to use them it didn’t take us to brand accounts but instead just to the homepage of each social media platform. Although not a massive issue, it may cause players to lose interest and therefore not bother; for a brand that is still new, their social media presence is terrible.

Overall Summary

America Chess Casino is without a doubt one of the best online casinos available when it comes to games and promotions. They have a high volume of titles in each section of their games lobby, followed up by several extensive rewards. And even though there are evidently problems that you can’t avoid, like the aforementioned social media disappointment, that’s nothing when compared with everything else you have on hand to enjoy.