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If there are two things that go together it could be chess and celebrities.  Some have made some great chess movies while others have just played chess in a movie.  But there is always something memorable about a scene.  Something always stands out to be different.  Chess and celebrities seem to fit as Forrest Gump would say like peas and carrots.  There have been some very memorable chess movies while others have just fallen flat.  Let us take a look at some of the chess moves that have been aorund and have created scenes we all love to watch.

One notable scene to remember is in the movie X Men.  Now this may not be your stands chess movie, but it was memorable for a reason.  It showed how strategy of Charles Xavier had overcome Magneto and his band of evil mutants.  While they were playing chess with plastic pieces so Magneto could not manipulate the pieces, Magneto laid down his King even though the game was not over.  It showed he had subcome to defeat in a way he did not want to.  After the move was over, Patrick Stewart had taken up chess on a more frequent basis.  So sometimes, chess and celebrities need that one move to get their intrest started.

Another one of the more memorable chess movies is the Shawshank Redemption.  You have Tim Robbins making his own chess pieces.  Since he has all the time in the world in prison, he asks Red, played by Morgan Freeman, to get him a rock hammer.  Iver the time of the move he carves out a full chess set for himself.,  He teaches Red to play chess as it gives them something to take their mind out of those prison walls.  So you can get your head lost in a game of chess and feel relaxed.  For some reason, chess and celebrities seem to make their way onto the silver screen more times than not.

Some unknown chess movies are Sneakers, Snow Dogs, Sling Blade, Night Moves, and Lost Horizon to name a few.  It seems chess and celebrities make their way into many films.  Sometimes chess is not even being played, only mentioned or a chess set is shown.  Some chess movies really focus on the game more than on certain character development or plot lines.  One movie where chess and celebrities really go hand and hand was never shown on camera.  On the set of the 1989 movie Loverboy with Patrick Dempsey, they played chess in his trailer.  Patrick would play against other stars and cast members to release the tension of the set.  SO in this case, chess and celebrities never made it into the screen but still had an impact.

One of the most famous chess movies mentioned Bobby Fischer, but it was not about him.  This 1993 chess movie was adapted to the screen from the book.  This is one film where chess and celebrities really come into focus.  You had Joe Mantegna, Ben Kingsley, Laurence Fishburne, and David Paymer amongst others in this heart warming film about a young boy learning chess.  Even William H. Macy was here as a player.  SO this move was really about chess and celebrities.  But the focus of the movie was on a young boy and not the name stars.  It was chess that brought them all together for one case, to help this boy become a chess champion.

Chess movies have their place in movie culture.  In some cases, chess and celebrities also go hand in hand.  This is one form of  entertainment that does not get its due.  More people need to see what chess is all about.  People need to see how chess can develop ones mind for strategy.  If people even sit down and watch some chess movies they never saw before, they might learn a hideen lesson. About themselves.  Some may learn a new game they never thought about before.  After some movies have finsihed up, some celebrities have taken chess more seriously.  So chess and celebrities will always have their place on the silver screen.

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