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Chess and Kids

Chess and Kids

When I was younger, my father had taught me how to play chess.  The interesting thing was, he always liked to find places to play chess.  I mean, there were certain places to play chess he liked more than other.  We always found it quiet in the backyard or in our basement.  We had a few different types of chess sets.  My dad a few different types of chess sets depending on where we were going to play.  My dad never really liked to be inside all the time.  We enjoyed playing in many different locations.  My dad eventually acquired a few more chess sets so we can have a different one for each location.

One of the chess sets we had was your standard black and white one.  Typical plastic pieces that had the green felt on the bottom.  One of our favorite places to play chess with that set was the picnic table at Smith Field in Parsippany, NJ.  It was a durable set.  So it did not matter how much wind came along or even a rain storm.  The pieces stood the test through anything.  The park is one of my favorite places to play chess.  You are outside, can relax and just let your mind really get into strategy.  We would spend hours on end there just playing.

One of my favorite chess sets was the one we picked up in NYC.  One of our favorite places to play chess was in Washington Square Park in NYC.  There are a bunch of people there playing chess with many varieties of chess sets.  To be honest, I have never seen so many types of chess sets before.  My dad and I would play and watch people gather around us to watch.  It was fun, we always had a blast.  My dad was always telling me we should find new places to play chess.  The best part about playing in the park is meeting people of all different skill levels.  Many are always willing to give advice.

Another one of our favorite places to play chess was aong the beach in Belmar, NJ.  Nice serene setting and playing along the water is a great experience.  One of the chess sets we had that we used on the beach was made of wood.  The pieces were all carved to resemble characters from 1960’s pop culture.  My father had picked that up when he was in Florida.  He said the beaches in Miami were one of his favorite places to play chess.
Without my father, one of my favorite places to play chess is in Aruba.  I was on vacation there with my wife and thought I would find a new chess set.  One that was different and unique.  I saw many chess sets and not many srood out to me.  I ended up finding one that was hand carved to look like Mayan and Incan Indians.  The craftsmanship was phenominal.  It only cost me $25 so I snagged it.  My wife did not know how to play chess so I ended up teaching her on the beach.  The beach has turned out to be one of my favorite places to play chess.

I know I can go on and on about mt father and myself playing chess.  It is an experience every parent should passs down to their kids.  It helps develop a great thinking process and you learn strategy.  I still find myself looking for different chess sets.  I like to collect many different type.  Plus, I have yet to play anywhere in Las Vegas.  That would be one of my all time favorite places to play chess.  Now that is one location I look forward on going back to.

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