The practice makes the master join a chess club

Chess Club

Chess Club

One of the easiest ways to learn to play chess is to join a chess club.  One can join a chess club to play chess as early as grade school.  There are town and cities that offer chess clubs for kids and adults of all ages.  Even many high schools across the country have a chess club.  This is one of the first places many people go to play chess.  You are amongst friends and people you know will take it easy on you, at least for the first game.
One does not need to be a master to play chess.  One can just play chess for fun while others are serious and enter tournaments.  Even in a chess club they have tournaments to determine the chess club champion,  This champion defends his title against those in the chess club that challenge him.  You have to be ranked in that club in a certain place in order to challenge the champion.  Otherwise, you are just there to play chess against everyone else until your game improves and you move up the rankings.

Some real die hard chess fans set up tournaments in their own home.  They invite others over to play chess with their boards.  In a way, playing on your own board gives you that home field advantage so you are more relaxed over your competition.  You can even pick what pieces you want to play with.  Being in a private chess club has some advantages and disadvantages.  You may play with people on a level you have yet to attain, so watch who you sit down with.  You may learn something from someone who has mastered the game.

There are some children out there who learn to play chess on their own and end up beating their parents.  Sometimes ones mind can develop early and it enables one to get a better grasp of the game.  This is why some parents push their kinds into chess club.  They know that playing chess creates a mentality that will enable their child to do better in other subjects.  Some parents play chess with their kids knowing they will lose, but do it for the development of the child.
Some chess clubs in school are very competitive.  They keep stats and have numerous students.  Be prepared to play for along time.  If you are playing with someone else that is new, the game may not last long.  Try to play against someone in the chess club that has been playing for a few years.  Take the time to learn from them so you can better develop and hone your own skills.  The skills you learn today will better prepare you for the tasks of tomorrow.
So if you are one of the many out there that have yet to play chess.  It does not matter what age you are, you can learn the game.  You can find a good family member  friend to teach you the game or join a chess club.  Find others on line to challenge and to grow your wisdom of the game.  Give yourself that edge that will not only help you play a better game of chess, but help you grow more in the game of life.

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