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Chess Board

Chess Board

Over the course of time there have been many chess boards developed.  From your standard wodden chess boards to your all pewter chess boards.  There are many variations depending on how you like to play the game and what surface you like to play on.  There are even chess tables.  Yes, chess tables.  Tables that are exclusive only to chess.  You may be able to turn the board over and play another game like backgammon or Parcheesi.  But depending on your wallet and how often you play will determine what chess boards are right for you.

Value Wood Chess Boards balance the need of a functional and attractive chess boards with cost and quality to create our most affordably priced wood chess board.These are inlaid boards with real wood veneer, a wide frame, and delimiter inlay around the playing squares.  This type of board is good if you like to have your set out for others to see that you are not an expert.  Sometimes chess tables are built in an old world style so it feels you are playing on a table exclusive for chess.

Other wood chess boards available are made by the very best chess board manufacturers in the world including Rechapados Ferrer and Italfama. These are inlaid chess boards made by highly skilled craftsmen using the finest woods and veneers available.  Chess tables made from these manufacturers can vary in price from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand dollars.  It depends on the craftsmanship and wood used.

Brass chess boards from Manopoulos are the perfect compliment for brass chess sets including their own line of fine brass chess sets. Some  brass chess boards are beautifully accented with an elegant enamel multi-color and lacquered to protect the finish and prevent tarnishing.  This will make sure the set is preserved over time.  Chess tables will not really be made by such heavy metal.  Chess tables would be made of wood first and then have a brass outlay around it to enhance the craftsmanship.

Some chess tables are meant only for chess.  It will have detailed work but the chess board is the top of the chess table,  The table is small enough for two people to sit around and will not even gold any drinks.  Many of the chess tables will have decorative colors and designs to differentiate themselves from other manufacturers.  Some manufacturers have very distinct designs that set them apart form everyone else.  This can be called their trademark.
Buying the right chess board or chess table depends on the consumer and their needs.  If you are an average chess player who plays every now and then, then a nice wood or marble chess board is for you.  If you are someone who like to ssquash friends and family every chance they get, then a nice rosewood round chess table might be for you.  All you have to do is research to see what meets your needs.  My favorite chess set is a handcrafted wooden one I brought home from Aruba.

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